Sweet tooth tour. Discover the sweeter side of Zagreb


  • Spend a morning or afternoon walking from neighbourhood bakery to a small café to artisanal pastry shop and indulge in all of their best products.
  • See the major sights in downtown and the old town.
  • Taste various traditional sweets, desserts and cakes that put Croatians high on the list of sweet tooths.
  • Enjoy local drinks or wine paired with the sweets.
  • Experience everyday life through the eyes of a local.
  • Indulge your self and forget about your diet restrictions for a day.

  • Available: year round
  • Group size: 2-8
  • Duration: cca 5 hrs

The story about Croatian traditional cakes and desserts is never ending. It depends on the region, on the season, on the way they are prepared and the occasion we prepare them for. However, there are some that you just have to try when visiting Zagreb. And don’t worry, we’ll prepare you a list of the ones from other regions if you are adventorous and don’t make an issue over gaining some weight on your holidays. That’s what they are for, right?

Local stories, history talks and some gossiping over a cake are a part of the tour.


Please, contact us for pricing.

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