The 50 best things to do in the world right now

According to Time Out magazine, it’s time to overhaul dusty bucket lists and place Zagreb high.

Visiting Zagreb’s Museum of Broken relationships is the 12th must do experience in the world, the 4th one in Europe. That makes it no1 thing to do in Croatia. Set in Zagreb’s Upper town, in a 18-century palace, Museum hosts one of the world’s most eccentric collections, all the items being donated by the public and each one telling the story of a broken, past relationship. Something that started as a short-term experimental exibition of two ex-lovers ten years ago turned into the most popular Zagreb museum with the branches in LA and Dubai and regular exhibitions around the world.

Brokenships museum gained a cult status and is a must visit in Zagreb.

Recently, a Brokenships Bistro opened next door to the Museum, so you can plan a whole day visit. Experimenting with Croatian cuisine, giving traditional recipes a modern twist, this appetising restaurant is a spot worth visiting, as well.

Check it out!

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