Tasting Central Croatia

Eating, chewing, nibbling, biting, masticating, sipping, dining…the thing is, once you get into Croatian gastronomy, you will never get enough.

Croats don’t compromise when food is the topic. Fresh, in season, the best quality…those are obligatory.

A proper Croatian style welcome includes lots of food and drink no matter the place or the region. Due to different influences through the centuries, coming from it’s previous conquerors such as Romans, Austro-Hungarian, French or Ottomans, each region and it’s cuisine are unique. Also, small in size but it streches across three European climatic regions- Mediterranean, Continental and Alpine wich also determine type of cuisine.

Let’s start by checking out central Croatia.

Photo by: Zvonimir Ferina, Forking Croatia

Fresh cottage cheese is a base for lots of recipes, both savoury and sweet but also a favorite dish itself. Combined with sour cream and some charcuterie aside it makes a typical breakfast.

Štrukli are a must-try in central Croatia. There are poems dedicated to this amazing, soft, creamy dish. Basically, it is pastry filled with cottage cheese, cooked and baked but there is something in humble štrukli that makes them a star of the table. Totally authentic, no influence in there, this is a true comfort food.

Photo by: Zvonimir Ferina, Forking Croatia

Photo by: Zvonimir Ferina, Forking Croatia

Kotlovina is more a way of preparation than a dish. It is usually prepared in the garden, in the open, for hours, in a special kind of standing cauldron. This indigenous specialty is a meat stew (hard stuff such as pork chops and sausages) slowly, very slowly cooked in wine, with the addition of onions, mushrooms, tomato and paprika.

Photo by: Zvonimir Ferina, Forking Croatia

This isn’t all, there is an enormous list of amazing recipes from the region, but you should check it out on your own. Come and taste a bit of Croatia.

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