Magical sunsets in Croatia

Photo by: Svjetlana Matić

If you’re a fan of sunsets, then you will love sunsets in Croatia.

It is hard to put the beauty of the sunset in Croatia into words. Amazing is an understatement, magical is pretty close. All we can say, Croatia has the best sunsets in the world. And who doesn’t love to sit and watch the sun go down?

Photo by: Svjetlana Matić

Legendary Alfred Hitchcock said:

“Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, more beautiful than the one in Key West, Florida.”  From room 204 of the former hotel Zagreb the great film master even tried to catch the beauty of the sunset with his camera!

Photo by: Goran Jović

Capturing stunning sunsets in Croatia where you can admire the most beautiful sunsets never gets old.

Taste delicious wines and cheeses, glass in hand, sit back and relax as the sun fades for another day. Relax your mind and just enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Colorful light painted across reflective water is a truly wonderful  thing.

Photo by: Svjetlana Matić

Catch the beauty of the moment.

The moment when the last little portion of the sun just gets ready to sink behind the horizon. Take time to slow down and admire the view. In this magical hour of the day when the light makes everything look more beautiful . What better way to finish your day than with a refreshing dip in the turquoise clear waters and watching the sun slip slowly into the sea?

Photo by: Svjetlana Matić

Enjoy these breathtaking sunsets from some of Croatia’s most picturesque locations.  

Due to the combination of light and colors like gold, purple & blue colors at the sky, shifting around, a sunset can make us feel nostalgic and serene. Every sunset in Croatia is a moment to remember.


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