Croatia- The Cookbook. A perfect souvenir.

What could be the best souvenir that you can use and enjoy over and over again after coming back from your holiday? A cookbook!

Think about it.

Remaking the dishes you’ve eaten in a town or a land you’ve just visited or recalling the memories from some past vacations, enjoying them with family and friends…could there be a better way to bring back the smells, the tastes and the joy of spending time on holidays?

This cookbook, still fresh from the print, is a collection of 155 recipes from every corner of Croatia, prepared by 36 of the best Croatian chefs that have cooked their favorite dish, the one that best reflects their home region, interpreting the tradition with their own personal, modern flair.

Mate Janković, Croatian chef and passionate promoter of homelands cuisine is the man behind the project Croatia – The Cookbook.

With Croatia’s rich culinary heritage, all the differences among the cuisine of Croatian regions, great chefs that have been working on this Cookbook for the past two years, this just might be the perfect souvenir that you’ll take home from your holidays in Croatia. The one that’ll make you enjoy every gourmet memory over and over again.

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