Croatia’s summer check list

Planning on visiting Croatia’s coast this summer? Here’s a check list of some things you should do to give your vacations a true Croatian flavor.


Photo by: Svjetlana Matić

Have a cup of coffee.

Coffee is not about getting some caffeine to wake you up. It is about socializing.

Most of the friendships, love affairs and some good business plans start over coffee in Croatia. While somewhere else people grab a huge coffee-to-go and sip it along the way, in Croatia you are allowed to sit with a small cup of coffee for hours, it isn’t frowned upon. Beacuse we know you’ve got some serious stuff to talk about  (even gossip we find very important) either just enjoy the company or the view.

When the spring comes and coffee shops open their terraces, you’ll have a feeling that each city is a huge chill-out lounge.

So, just go with the flow and enjoy the atmosphere.


Photo by: Goran Jović

Eat, eat, eat…

Go gourmet. Release your inner foodie beast. Visit the local markets. Forage for fresh veggies and fruit. Discover all the differences in Croatian cuisine- from pork cracklings to the fresh and light white fish, from truffles to cottage cheese, from spicy kulen sausage to healthy swiss chard. Try everything. Forget your diet preferences and new years’s food-related resolutions. Don’t just taste, do drink and enjoy wine. Lots of it. And always, but always leave some room for dessert.


Photo by: Vedran Karuza

Swim, dive, sunbathe.

There are so, so many places where you can do all of the above and more. There are more than 700 registered beaches in Croatia and probably four times as much of the «wild ones» on aproximately 6.000km of the coast.  Not to mention all the cliffs, rocks and reefs. Getting the point?


Photo by: Vedran Karuza

Forage in the woods.

Depending on the season, our forests will not leave you hungry. Wild berries, asparagus, mushrooms…who knows, you may even find a truffle. The thing is, those are common ingredients in Croatian cuisine. We like the seasonal, local and fresh food. So, meet the locals, even if they don’t take you foraging they’ll probably provide you with some hand picked local products.


Photo by: Svjetlana Matić

Watch the sunset.

Alfred Hitchcock was so impressed by Zadar’s sunset that he called it the most beautiful in the world!
 And there are numerous spectacular spots for amazing sunset  watching in Croatia. Relax, enjoy the view wherever you are.

Wait for the dawn.

A bottle of wine on the beach, night swimming, long talks on the pier, sun uprising faster than you would expect or wish. Summer is the time to fall in love and this just might be the perfect scenery.

Get into “fjaka”.

People from Dalmatia, the south, coastal part of Croatia, have had this state of mind and body in their genes and generations for centuries. But, don’t get discouraged, you can learn how to dive into it. Best described as the relaxed, zen-like state of mind and body, the enjoyment of doing nothing, not even day dreaming. Don’t underestimate  fjaka because is also the recipe for staying healthy, young and beautiful for ages. It helps your creativity, productivity, metabolism, your inner peace and improves your immunity. It’s almost like the cultural heritage.

So, how to get into fjaka? Find the spot you could relax at (your bed, sofa, beach, a bench, grass…) and just do nothing, clear your mind, exhale a couple of times, think of nothing, talk to no one, take it easy…there you go. Repeat daily, especially after lunch. Before you know it, you’ll master it.

Photo by: Iva Novosel

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