Coffee lovers, welcome!

There are around 4.500 cafes and restaurants in Zagreb. That makes a ratio of 1 cafe to every 175 inhabitant. The number is changing daily, but never goes down. Why is it so?

National statistics can also be checked but that’s not the point.

Photo by: Svjetlana Matić


Zagreb, as well as the entire country, has a strong coffee-drinking culture. Croats are among the biggest coffee-lovers in the world and there are so many coffee realted habits. The most imortant one- having a coffee isn’t about coffee at all.

It’s about socializing. Whether you have a date, a business meeting, a ten minutes break, it’ll be over coffee.

Photo by: Svjetlana Matić


So, if somebody invites you to a cup of coffee with «Idemo na kavu?», you’re in. Even if you don’t drink coffee, it’s anyhow just an excuse to socialize. Go for it and hang out with locals. And actually, we do have a good quality coffee, enjoy it.


Here are some phrases to help you communicate and have a full experience, try it!

Idemo na kavu? – Want to have a cup of coffee?

Ajmo na kavu – Let’s have a cup of coffee.

Molim vas kavu – Coffee, please

Kava s mlijekom – Coffee with milk (warm milk- toplo mlijeko or cold milk –hladno mlijeko)


Photo by: Svjetlana Matić




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