Autumn and it’s amazing colors

Autumn in Croatia will take your breath away.

And not just with it’s amazing colors that create a stunning sceneries but also with smells and flavors.

Photo by: Iva Novosel

Wine harvest finished, barells are full of young wine. There are apples, pears and plums everywhere juts waiting to be picked. Corns and chestnuts, our favorite street food, on the corners of the cities fill the air with amazing smell.

All sorts of mushrooms and pumpkins on the markets boost your cooking creativity.

Photo by: Iva Novosel

Leafs on the streets rustle underneath your feet. The weather is still warm and lets you enjoy sitting outside, enjoying fresh air.

Autumns products are on the menues of the restaurants, we like to eat seasonal fresh food.

So if you’ve ever wondered what would be the perfect time to visit Croatia the answer is- anytime but autumn will make your memories colorful and tasty.

Photo by: Iva Novosel

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